How PixelTalents works

  • If you click on buy at the head you can browse through our artists' offers sorted by Style, Topic or Gift.

    Click on an offer to see it's details, like a description, one or more enlargeable before/after images or reviews of other customers.

  • Once you have found an offer you like, you can place an absolutely non-binding inquiry.

    You can personalize the offer and upload your picture which you want to be turned into an artwork. The creative will now decide whether he can accept the inquiry or not.

  • Once the creative has agreed to do the job, you can place a binding order by transfering the money to our escrow account. If you own a voucher you can redeem it in the payment process.

  • You will be noticed by e-mail once the creative has completed his work. You can review the result on the website and ask for an improvement if required.

    If you are happy with the result, you can accept the result and rate it. Your artwork will then go to the print shop quickly.

  • Usually about 7 - 10 business days after you have accepted the result you'll get your artwork delivered - printed on canvas, alu dibond, acryl glass or poster (laminated also possible).

    The last step is your job: give the artwork to someone as a gift or hang it up on your wall.

    Now have fun browsing the offers! :-) Browse »